Monday, October 10, 2011

Wartime blues

A friend of mine who is actively involved in veterans' affairs sent me a link to the Web site of folk singer/songwriter Jason Moon. He's an Iraq War veteran who has struggled with PTSD and is using his music to heal himself and for outreach to others with similar problems.

Well worth a listen:
Jim Cornelius, Editor


  1. Jim,
    Wow-powerful stuff. Definately worthwhile for everyone to listen to. Thanks for sharing it.
    cris converse

  2. Jim,

    A good reminder that our country remains at war and its warriors continue to become ill, be injured, and be wounded.

    We can continue the fight here at home by helping those veterans and their families whenever and wherever possible within our community.

    Today we should not only thank them for their service, but ask them how they are doing now that they are back home.

    Then listen.

    Greg Walker

  3. Jim,

    This last week we've learned that all of our troops will be leaving Iraq by the end of 2011.

    Whatever one's politics or personal beliefs regarding this campaign (Operations Iraq Freedom and New Dawn) it is long overdue for our involvement and occupation of Iraq to have come to an end.

    Iraq will take decades to re-stabilize and RE-form, this to include family infrastructures blasted by nearly 10 years of low intensity conflict, insurgency, civil war, criminal enterprise, and religious bigotry.

    What a shame for all of us.