Friday, October 22, 2010

The candidates speak

Thursday night’s candidates’ forum at Sisters High School gave a realtively sparse crowd a chance to see the six candidates for city council in action, fielding questions composed from those submitted by the public.

I thought the candidates presented themselves well and I don’t think anyone left the auditorium unsure where they stand on the issues facing the community — the big one being Sisters’ economic health and how to improve it.

The turnout was a little disappointing, but given that the forum was going up against an Outlaws football game, an Outlaws volleyball game, a Duck’s game (if you can call it that — what a slaughter) and a baseball playoff game, I guess the forum really didn’t do too badly.

It’s always tough getting citizens to come out and engage in the way their city/county/state/nation is run. That’s why, in the 19th Century, candidates often offered free beer and whiskey. That’d guarantee a large and lively turnout...

As moderator, I was remiss in not publicly acknowledging the work Bill Mintiens put into organizing the event. From securing the venue and making sure it was set up to vetting the questions and determining the format, Bill put in a lot of work, all on a volunteer basis to allow the community an unscripted look at their candidates.

Hats off to ye, Bill.

My sense of the audience was that it was mostly composed of partisans, so I doubt the candidates changed anybody’s mind. Am I wrong? Did what you saw or heard change your vote?

Jim Cornelius, Editor


  1. Jim, I'm supporting change and transparency so I support Sharlene, Jacki, and Wendy.

    I think Bogart came across angry and his responses scripted, on the first question he was reading his answer as if he had prior knowledge of the question. Asson was very nervous and Lindsey was a almost incoherent.

    After the show I'm convinced that the Asson split from Citizens for Sisters was a strategic move orchestrated by those behind the scene because of Bogart's weaknesses. The source of the money going to Asson is from the same special interests that are supporting the PAC.

  2. Mike - NO candidate saw the Forum questions before the event. Having extensively interviewed Jerry Bogart, it's clear to me that he's a very methodical person, likes to write down his thoughts so he won't miss any points. Having been through a candidate forum before I believe he tried to anticipate the questions and wrote down his thoughts so as not to leave any points out. -Bill Mintiens

  3. Conspiracy theories abound in the mind of Mike Morgan.

  4. The trouble with Mr. Morgan is not that he is ignorant, but that he knows so much that isn't so...

  5. Bill, I never said I thought Mr. Bogart had been given the questions. I said he was scripted as if... The point I was trying to make was he had well prepared answers and therefore appeared not to be candid. There was no intent to suggest the forum was dishonest. If that how you read my post then I'm sorry but that's not what I said and not what I meant. You're adding words to my post that are not there.

    As to the two anonymous responses, you have said absolutely nothing of substance, are not responding to what Jim asked for, and therefore should be ignored.

    Jim, allowing anonymous bloggers to slam a citizen by calling them ignorant or a conspiracy theorist when that person responded in good faith to your post under their real name violates your rules for this blog. If it continues I will not blog under my name and will join the anonymous trash talkers that don't have the guts to disclose who they are.

  6. I have always enjoyed reading Mike Morgans postings.At least he participates in local polluted politics,has the balls to use his name, backs up his opinions with research and if you choose to disagree with him he will engage in a civil conversation (blog) rather than the tactics of the 2 "anonymous" trash talkers.Its not surprising Mr. Morgan has ruffled some feathers in this community but I applaud him for questioning "authority"!

  7. First I would like to thank the Sisters Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring the forum held in our High School last Thursday evening, and the citizens that came to listen to all the candidates. I also want to thank Jim Cornelius for an excellent job of moderating, and Bill Mintiens for organizing the event, handling the many questions submitted by our citizens and supplying the electronics for us.
    I personally also need to thank our Mayor, Lon Kellstrom, for his encouragement and support, and the other friends and business leaders that also played an important role by helping to raise funds and by offering encouragement, good advice, and a great deal of their time and expertise. The many local citizens and businesspersons who also supported Jerry, David, and me during these tough times is truly heart warming.
    I was also so pleasantly surprised and grateful that, after interviewing all the candidates, both the editorial staff of the Bend Bulletin and the Central Oregon Association of Realtors chose to recommend the candidacy of David, Jerry, and me. If elected, we are committed to working closely together and doing our best for the future of Sisters.
    Though we were not raising money for the Food Bank, all monies that were raised in our behalf were spent with our local businesses.
    However the election turns out, be sure that I will continue to do what I can to help Sisters recover from this terrible nationwide recession and be fully restored to the exciting town it has always been.
    Thank you,

    Virginia Lindsey

  8. To quote Mr. Morgan

    "on the first question he was reading his answer as if he had prior knowledge of the question."

    After Bill responds that "NO" candidate saw the forum questions prior to the event, Mr. Morgan than replies

    "I never said I thought Mr. Bogart had been given the questions. I said he was scripted as if... The point I was trying to make was he had well prepared answers and therefore appeared not to be candid."

    So which is it Mr. Morgan

  9. Mr. Williams:

    Exactly what I said, he had well prepared answers that caused him to appear to lack spontaneity and candor. My comments relate to Mr. Bogarts appearance, not to any allegation of wrongdoing. Do you understand? The upside was Mr. Bogart had well prepared answers but the downside was a lack of spontaneity and candor because he read much of his answers. That's the sum total of what I saw at the show regarding Mr. Bogart.

  10. Oh I understand completely. His well prepared answers initially led you to believe that perhaps "he had prior knowledge of the question". It's pretty clear what you said and what you meant.

  11. Mr. Williams:

    I don't understand your agenda. I've been absolutely clear in my response to you yet you are still trying to characterize my comments as a slam against the people that put on the candidate forum. I was with Bill Mintiens last night and he has no animosity towards me and Jim Cornelius has no animosity towards me, so what's your problem?

  12. I don't have an agenda, and please quote me where I somehow characterize your comments as a slam against the people that put on the candidate forum.
    I also have no animosity towards you, that is a pretty big leap you have made there. I thought I was discussing with you in a public forum, using my own name, what you implied in your initial post. I just happen to disagree with that contention and your contention now that it wasn't what you meant.

  13. Mr. Williams:

    You keep moving all over the place. I responded as clearly as I possible can yet you still don't seem to get what I've said. I never said I believed Mr. Bogart had prior knowledge of the question. You keep wanting to add words to what I've said that are not there. You make assumptions not supported by my words. Now you suggest I think you have animosity towards me. I never said that. My comments about animosity were to get you to understand that the people that put on the forum don't interpret my comments the way you do; i.e. that I was inferring that questions had been leaked.

    For whatever reason, we don't seem to communicate very well to each other. It could be my fault or it could be yours or a little of both. It doesn't matter.

  14. Mr. are twisting things and words into YOUR agenda..with each post you are sounding like an angry old curmudgeon!The only point you have made clear is that you want to argue w/Mr.Morgan and continue on with negativity and your opinions about him..OK..we get it.

  15. I don't think Mr. Williams twisted a thing, has an "agenda", or sounds particularly angry or old. Morgan's initial statement re: prior knowledge comes across as accusatory... intended or not! If it hadn't, then why would Bill feel the need to emphatically deny that any candidates had seen forum questions before the event? I sure read it that way.

    By the way, I don't know Mike Morgan, Bill, Virginia Lindsey, Jerry Bogart, Jacki, Wendy, etc. I do know that this Morgan character seems to be a little too sensitive. From what I see, Jim runs a pretty good blog here.

  16. We've wandered off from the topic here...

    Jim Cornelius, Editor