Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympic delights

This has been a particularly fun Olympics to watch.

Lindsey Vonn and Bode Miller fulfill expectations and win gold. Ryan Miller withstands 45 shots on gold from Team Canada to lead Team USA to hockey victory.

Evan Lysacek skates a perfect program for gold, then takes the high road when the Russian Bear grumbles, growls and pouts and whines.

But perhaps my favorite moment came during the women’s hockey game between Canada and Finland. Supposedly there’s no body checking in women’s hockey, but somebody forgot to tell Canada’s Gillian Apps. She laid a bonejarring check on Finland's Jenni Hiirikoski that put the Finn on ice for a good minute and a half.

No penalty was called, even though the Finn was obviously hearing little birdies and wondering how she wandered into an NHL game.

The Candadian papers are calling it a “collision,” but it was a check. A perfect, clean, powerful check. And notice that women’s hockey is the real deal.

I also got to watch two biathlon races, which was really cool. Personally, I’d like to see ALL Winter Olympic Sports incorporate shooting. Ski jumping and sporting clays. Curling and 10m air pistol. Just imagine bobsled mounted twin .50s...

Don’t give Gillian Apps a gun though. Her shoulder already packs more punch than a 12 gauge.

Jim Cornelius, Editor

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