Friday, October 2, 2009

So much for consequences...

From Fan Nation:

Oregon running back LeGarrette Blount, suspended for the season after his postgame tirade at Boise State on Sept. 3, could be reinstated after all. Ducks coach Chip Kelly will discuss Blount's status after today's practice, and a release Thursday night from the school said Kelly's plan "could include Blount's potential reinstatement prior to the conclusion of the 2009 season.'' Blount has practiced regularly with the team for the past three weeks, mostly on the scout team. He has attended all the games. On Thursday, a letter of apology signed by Blount appeared in the campus newspaper.

Apparently, talent does mean a free pass...

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  1. Jim,

    Further validation of the point of your last two blogs. Miguel Cabrera will start today's playoff game for the Tigers, even though he let down his team, the fans, the game of baseball, and himself on Saturday. Knowing his team was in tight race, he got bombed on Friday night, showed up at home blowing a .26 BAC at 6:00AM on game day, and then got into it with his wife, who called 911. Predictably, that afternoon he went 0 for 4 and left four runners on base, and his team lost.

    The Tigers' management has chosen to ignore his transgressions, hoping to win one more game, and make it into the playoffs. Great message. If the Tigers manager has a set, he'll start him, and then pinch hit for him in Cabrera's first at-bat. Like that will happen.