Friday, September 4, 2009

Duck you sucker!

Okay all you Duck fans out there: What do you do about LeGarrette Blount?

For those of you who have been completely incommunicado since Thursday night, a Boise State player bumped Blount and said something (presumably impolite) to him after Boise State’s 19-8 victory.

Blount decked him with a beautiful right handed sucker punch. Then he started to go after some fans and had to be wrestled to the ground by a Ducks assistant coach.

Blount later apologized, saying he lost his head. We noticed. And it’s apparently not the first incident with him this season.

So what do you do with him? If I’m the coach, I suspend him indefinitely — until I know for sure that he can control himself. I don’t care how important a player is to a team, that kind of lack of self-control can’t be tolerated.

What’s the appropriate sanction?

Jim Cornelius, Editor


  1. I think he has to be kicked off the team. This won't be his first disciplinary action.

    That said, BSU should show a little class and act like they have been there before. Did the guy really need to run right out there and taunt him as he was exiting the field? (not that the taunting excuses Blount). Furthermore, why did the stadium officials repeatedly replay the incident on the replay screen? Did that serve any purpose other than inciting their fans?


  2. From Fox Sports:
    "Star running back LeGarrette Blount won't play for Oregon again this year. The school suspended him on Friday for the remainder of the season after he slugged Boise State defensive end Byron Hout.

    "Blount's suspension includes any bowl games. He will remain on scholarship, however, and will continue to practice with the team. He must adhere to all team rules.

    "Hout will not be suspended for taunting Blount. Boise State spokesman Max Corbet told The Associated Press in an e-mail that Petersen planned to spend time with Hout this week to help him learn from what happened."

    Sounds about right. Except I'd have benched Hout for a game. Hope this kid knows what "last chance" means.

    Jim Cornelius, Editor

  3. U of O did exactly what they should have done, case closed.

  4. I guess he got a little confused when the coach told him "to go out there and hit em hard".