Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Turmoil at the Chamber II

Erin Borla has taken the helm at the Sisters Area Chamber of Commerce. She’s got a lot of rake and shovel work ahead of her.

Having worked with Erin for six years when she was the director of the Sisters Folk Festival, I can vouch for her abilities as an organizer, for her capacity to get things done. She’s just what the Chamber needs if it is going to be relevant — or even continue to exist.

That is an issue that is still in doubt. Todd Dow’s request to have the City cut off room tax funding to the Chamber is a swipe at the jugular. The City Council isn’t going to act precipitously on the request; they’ll give the Chamber the chance to pull it together.

But Dow’s move and the support it is garnering in the community (see Letters in The Nugget this week) should be sufficient warning to the Chamber: hiring Erin is the organization’s last, best chance. Credibility is hanging by a thread and if the Chamber doesn’t show some direction and movement, it will be cast upon the ash heap of history.

I have confidence in Erin Borla’s abilities. It seems that the board does, too. The key now will be for the Chamber Board of Directors to give her room to move, support to take action and time to make the organization work as it’s supposed to.
We should see some real progress in the next 90 days. If not, Erin should look elsewhere and the community should, too.

Jim Cornelius, Editor


  1. What actually happed with our last chamber director?REsigned? Fired ? What the ?..It seems like some one or something is again covering up the "facts "and has again become part of the tainted system..Come on Chamber''belly-up on your system and god forbid you tangle w/Mr.Dow..thank-you..mr.dow for exploring where no man has chosen to go before!

  2. Well hell yes! Erin is after all Mrs. Deggendorger's daughter ! If she can't do it nobody can!...Go Erin !!show them the way!and clean up after all those damn cowboys and especially the cowgirls! YEE-HAW!!! Ride them hard and bring them home WET!