Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Off to the races...

Sisters has a real, live political race on its hands, complete with five candidates vying for three seats on the Sisters City Council and a Political Action Committee backing a slate of candidates with ties to the building industry.

We also have a decision to make about renewing local option tax support for Sisters schools. While there doesn’t seem to be an organized opposition to local option, there is likely to be some resistance from people who aren’t happy about the way the district has handled issues such as the state penalty for the disallowed home schooling program at a local Christian school.
The economy plays into both of these races in different ways.

Taxpayers may be eager to save a few dollars on their tax bill as money tightens up, leaving the school district vulnerable on local option. Voters in the city council election may be motivated in one direction or another by how they perceive the business climate in Sisters.

We’ve been watching the longest political season in American history lumber to its climax. Now Sisters has its own season. It’s (thankfully) much shorter, but it may be just as intense.

Stay tuned.

Jim Cornelius, Editor


  1. Folks, let's avoid any name calling here.

  2. I will be voting NO on the local option tax. No more money being thrown towards the system that blantantly and consistantly mishandled and mismanaged money. Education is moving towards the internet.Why are we being asked to buy more books ? The current hi-school is poorly designed and heat bills soaring..we live on a limited income and need that money for our fuel costs.